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Family-Owned And
Operated Business

which creates Antique Heart Pine flooring and accessories in the traditions of old-world craftsmen. Company founders Jody & Candace Chenevert have over 20 years of experience in the hardwood industry. From their humble beginnings in Plaucheville, LA (population: 288), the Cheneverts have painstakingly carved their way to the top of their trade.Today, the Cheneverts are recognized leaders in the Antique Heart Pine industry for the quality, affordability and consistency of their products & for their commitment to excellence in customer relations, historical accuracy, and environmental preservation.

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Why chose solid hardwood flooring over engineered flooring?
What are the benefits of our Green Earth brand of glue?
What are some benefits of reclaimed flooring?
Are these beams used for structural or aesthetic applications?
What are the different sizes of beams you provide?
How do you define a distressed beam?
Are there different levels of distress on the beams?
Can our solid wood flooring be glued to a slab?
Do you offer installation?
Do you deliver?
Do you have a show room?
Does the customer have the choice of stain color?